ALL ATI CARDS ARE SUPPOSED TO BE THE BEST CARDS THERE ARE. (rADONS) but they comme withh allot of strings. Maianly the coustomer support telephone line costs $2.00 a minute, email is free but all you get is automated ones. It is hard to update your driver, you have to read the small print and download stuff before that. the only card that i have used that worked with other games in the mobility radeon, now tht was in a p3 compaq presario laptop. now this computer im on is a p4 intell processor, with a rage furry pro/xpert 2000 it wont do anything, i have updates so that it is “open gl compatible” but yet my 3d games still do not work. u look on voodoo drivers website and they have a whole lot of updates and free support, u look on nivida they have tons of stuff. for ati being the best company why cant they have chips that work and help u if they dont. any one know how to fix open gl problem post it here, i dont care for what game, although i only play enemy territory and wolfenstein. email me or post here solutions for xp related problems with rage furry pro/xpert 2000, or related chips that might help me able to play.

dr. death… that card is OLD OLD OLD.

ATI is probably no longer supporting it.

Spend $40 and buy something newer.

Spend $80 and buy something more powerful.

Spend $140 and get a great DX9 card.

Spend $300 and get a very powerful card.

Just to give you an idea of where your card sits on the power chain…

Take the lowest score on the chart and cut it in half, that’s about where the ATI Rage series of cards stands today.

Oops, I gave the Rage series too much credit.

Take the lowest score on this chart and cut it in half. That’s about where the Rage series stands today:

ATI Technologies Inc. (TSE: ATY, NASDAQ: ATYT) today announced the 32MB XPERT™ 2000 PRO accelerator board for retail and PC OEM markets, an add-in card that offers class-leading 2D and 3D graphics and hardware DVD video playback with 32MB of memory.

The XPERT 2000 PRO is ideal for system builders and OEMs looking to differentiate their lower cost PCs. Traditionally, low cost PCs come with just 8 MB of graphics memory, poor 2D and 3D and no DVD. System builders can now incorporate superior 2D and 3D, 32-bit true color graphics acceleration, hardware DVD and 4 times the amount of memory.

“The XPERT 2000 PRO will change the image of the low cost PC and smash the perception that they are featureless and unable to handle today’s latest games and popular applications”, said Ed Grondahl, vice president of marketing, ATI."

With higher performance than today’s XPERT 2000™, the XPERT 2000 PRO supports the AGP 2X specification now, as well as AGP 4X systems expected to ship this fall. With its AGP support, 32MB of memory and ATI’s combination 2D, 3D and DVD, RAGE™ 128 PRO accelerator chip, the XPERT 2000 PRO is the best value on the market for the casual gamer, the DVD enthusiast and the corporate user alike.

“ATI’s latest technology offers a great value in graphics and video acceleration, with all the advanced 3D features you need for today’s 3D applications and games,” said Jim Veeveart, vice-president of marketing at Sierra. “It will expose a greater number of mainstream and gaming users to the enhanced visual quality and 3D features that Sierra’s products offer.”

The 32MB XPERT 2000 PRO, with fast 2D acceleration, a 300MHz RAMDAC and a maximum resolution of 1920X1200 at 85Hz, provides more than enough power for all current business applications.

The 32MB XPERT 2000 PRO, with the industry’s only integrated iDCT and Motion Compensation through the RAGE 128 PRO chip, performs DVD decode with an absolute minimum of CPU usage. Also, 4-tap video scalers enable DVD playback at near perfect visual quality. The 32MB XPERT 2000 PRO is ideal for running interactive DVD business applications, viewing Intranet and networked DVD corporate videos, and watching DVD movies at home.

Game play will be enhanced through the acceleration of OpenGL and Microsoft’s DirectX API. The result is full acceleration and top speeds for DirectX and OpenGL games.

Price and Availability:
The 32MB XPERT 2000 PRO will be available in calendar Q1, 2000, initially at a suggested street price of $139 (US). An 8MB version XPERT 2000 PRO will be available to OEMs and system builders, also in calendar Q1, with discounts for volume purchases. A DVI XPERT 2000 PRO version that supports all-digital flat panels will also be available in calendar Q1.

Corporate Profile:
ATI Technologies Inc., the world’s largest supplier of 3D graphics and multimedia technology, designs, manufactures and markets innovative and award-winning multimedia solutions and graphics components for the personal computer, set-top box and consumer electronics appliance markets. An ISO 9002 company, ATI is the world’s leading supplier of video and 2D/3D graphics accelerators to OEM and retail customers. Founded in 1985, ATI employs more than 1,700 people at headquarters in Thornhill, Ontario, and in offices in the United States, Germany, France, the United Kingdom, Ireland, Barbados, Malaysia, Japan and Hong Kong. ATI is a public company whose shares trade on the Toronto Stock Exchange and NASDAQ.
The XPERT 2000 uses ATI’s acclaimed Rage 128 graphics core, a fast chip that provides plenty of 3D acceleration for a smooth gaming experience. The XPERT 2000 has the resources needed to handle 32-bit color and high resolutions in 3D games. The 3D features and effects of both OpenGL and DirectX are supported, including fog, texture lighting, video textures, reflections, shadows, spotlights, LOD biasing, MIP mapping, Z-buffering and texture morphing. Single-pass multi-texturing allows the XPERT 2000 to render special 3D effects such as reflections and translucency in a single cycle, so as not to incur a serious performance hit. If you’ve invested in a large monitor for your PC (for graphics creation as well as for DVD movies, a large monitor is almost essential), you’ll appreciate the high screen resolutions and image clarity. For day-to-day applications like word processing, email, and Web browsing, the XPERT 2000 delivers crisp, clear screens with fast refresh rates
The XPERT 2000 Pro uses ATI Rage 128 Pro graphics engine and provides you with enough resources needed to handle 32-bit color and high resolutions in 3D games. Optimized for DirectX, Direct3D and OpenGL, the XPERT 2000 Pro supports multi-texturing, stencil planes and bump mapping. The card supports cool effects like Z-based fog for incredible realism with advanced 3D architecture. Built-in hardware DVD technology keeps you away from the hassle and expense of buying a separate MPEG-2/DVD decoder card. For day-to-day applications like word processing, email, and Web browsing, the XPERT 2000 Pro delivers crisp, clear screens with fast refresh rates that help prevent eyestrain.

it works, people say good things. meh, anyways im just trying to solve my problem…

Originally posted by dr. death:
it works, people say good things. meh, anyways im just trying to solve my problem…

Nice that you could post a press release from the year 2000!

Video card evolution occurs every 6-9 months. That means you are many generations of cards behind the times!

And I’m telling you that your PROBLEM is at least in part due to the age of the card.