ATI , GL_EXT_texture_rectangle ? 7xxx series

ATI’s glATI.h file states that GL_EXT_texture_rectangle is supported on 7000 series cards.

** GL_EXT_texture_rectangle
** Support:
** Rage 128 based : Not Supported
** Radeon 7xxx based : Supported
** Radeon 8xxx/9000 based : Supported
** Radeon 9500/9700 based : Supported

I have downloaded the newest drivers and found the following to be the case :

NT - Radeon 7000, chip type ATI RV100(QY), — NOT There.
XP - Radeon 7500 mobility — NOT There.
W2K- Radeon 7800 mobility — Not there.

Does anyone ATI especially, have a clue about what extensions are supported on what cards and OS’s and driver versions ?


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EXT_texture_rectangle is supported on those cards – on Mac OS X…

EXT_texture_rectangle is an Apple thing. I’d like to think that ATI & NVidia might standardize on this and implement it in their Windows/Linux drivers, but I hold out little hope…

Either that, or that they’d make an ARB_rectangular_texture extension with sensible rules for texture coordinates, repeat modes, &c…

It is not just a Mac thing, I have evidence of it being on an 8500 running linux.

The way I phrased it, Sounds like I found “the missing link” doesn’t it :slight_smile:


Originally posted by heath:
[b]It is not just a Mac thing, I have evidence of it being on an 8500 running linux. hnologies%20Inc.

The way I phrased it, Sounds like I found “the missing link” doesn’t it :slight_smile:


It’s also on my 9700 under windows.

Same here.

It’s often the case though that some extensions gets listed as “supported” in the glATi.h file without actually being supported by the driver yet, or at least aren’t exposed. It’s generally a hint that adding support for it is planned.

Kinda contradicts the entry on the fabolous .

It clearly lists a Radeon 7000, but not on the current driver version. You never know whether that means that they took it out again, or if just nobody submitted a current report.

I was hoping to use this extension for Radeon 7xxx too … oh well. I’ll check it out tomorrow and tell you what I’ve found out.

The “EXT” extension is exactly the same as the NV extension, although it isn’t in the extension registry. We’re not planning on supporting the EXT name for it, since this would just create potential compatibility problems down the road if new apps checked only for EXT_texture_rectangle. We’d prefer that other vendors interested in the functionality simply implement NV_texture_rectangle.

  • Matt


Perhaps you have older drivers? It’s been supported on all Radeon cards for a while now. Download the latest drivers and let us know.

Originally posted by mcraighead:
[b]We’d prefer that other vendors interested in the functionality simply implement NV_texture_rectangle.

  • Matt[/b]


from the last meeting notes:

Other extensions Matt suggests for the updated core:

NV_fence, or other synchronization primitives
Occlusion queries
NV_texture_rectangle (note: Apple has an EXT_texture_rectangle spec which is very similar, but not in the registry yet)
“Point cull” extension - is this something ATI wrote when examining NV_point_sprite? It appears nobody is shipping this today.
Radial fog
Maybe a few more minor extensions?

… or you wait until GL 1.5


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Thanks alot for the coments guys.

I have downloaded the following drivers from

for NT4, Radeon 7000, 4.3.4013
for W2K,, IBM thinkpad a31p with 7800, ATI sends me to the IBM website to download it.
for WXP, IBM thinkpad a30p with 7500, ATI sends me to the IBM website to download it

I also tried the NT reference driver. which made no difference, and appears to be the same version.

I realize that my machines are not vanilla desktops running 98, but I still find this very frustrating.

I have been using this extension on NVIDIA for a long time “with the NV”, and when I saw that the enumerants for ATI were the same, and they were supposed to be supported I was quite pleased. I have avoided matrox and ATI products for many years after suffering very poor drivers in the past. Recent reviews implied ATI had got its act together…That really doesn’t seem to be the case.

The Radeon 7000, isn’t even showing support for pbuffers…


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These drivers are not current.

I don’t think they support NT4 properly any more. Shame on them or whatever.
The Laptop thing is also a bit silly, seeing that desktop drivers have been in the x.z.62xx numbers for quite some time.
That situation it of course awkward, maybe you could grab yourself some ‘modded for mobile’ set. You’ll find some pointers in the forums on

Oh…it’s a laptop your talking about. ATI doesn’t directly support most laptops, the OEM usually does that and unfortunately they almost never update their drivers (OEMs want to support what they are certain work event hough newer drivers will have more features enabled and more performance tweaks). Download the latest ATI catalyst drivers…As zeckensack said, you can find a link to them at

Thanks alot guys for the suggestions , but the CATALYST approach isn’t really a solution for the NT box, Microsoft doesn’t have Directx9 for NT. Although it may be feasible to find unorthodox drivers for the laptops, that really isn’t a valid solution either. I suppose both ATI and IBM are to blame for that one. In the short term , I’ll have to experiment with Desktop W2K or XP drivers, and the Radeon cards…

This is still a very sad situation, ATI is still lagging NVIDIA tremendously on the unified driver front.