I’m finally working with GLSL in my ATI 9800 Pro in linux, using GLee. So far, i worked with NVidia graphic cards, and using GL_NV_TEXTURE_RECTANGLE with NV_FLOAT32 to store real values in textures. How you know, in TEXTURE_RECTANGLEs can store float values to GPGPU apps. In ATI cards TEXTURE_RECTANGLE isn’t supported. Then, in ATI, what’s its equivalent?. it’s possible to store signed values in non power of two textures?.
With ATI GLSL sampler2Drect isn’t supported too, then what must i use?

there is an ati extension to store float values in textures (ATI_texture_float) i think. check it out.

In the site is explained how to use float values in textures, but in my ATI 9800 pro simply it doesn’t work.

And i installed the newest ATI driver, somebody tell me than happen? why this does not work?

maybe your card simply does not support it.

Try passing floating point constants for internal format on texture image creation. These can be obtained from the ATI_texture_float extension (or the same ARB extension). The texture is created as usual (with TEXTURE_2D render target, e.g.), however, its internal format is set to floating-point values and the data is not clamped while transfered to or rendered into such a texture.
If the glTexImage2D() class with floating-point internal format parameter generates an error, it is likely that the card does not support floating-point textures. See ATI SDK for further info.

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