ATI Cards and XP

I recently downloaded the ATI XP drivers from the ATI website for my 32mb Rage Magnum card. I had my computer custom built and had it for a week so, it seems like its using the custom XP detonator driver. Now like alot of you I cant get Half Life, Quake 3 or Serious Sam to run in OpenGL or run at all. I have to run half Life in software mode.

So after I downloaded the 10mb driver from Ati’s website upon installation I get an error saying that my device driver is not compatible with the device adapters.

Now my ATI card isnt offically installed since it cant be since the current CD based driver isnt comp with XP (hence the XP detonator driver). ATI’s readme suggest uninstallng the current ATI build wich Isnt necessary since it doesnt exsist at all.

Does anyone know whats up and is anyone else using a Rage based card (Theres quite a few) having the same problem? Any help would be greatfull.

I suggest asking at