ATI card+Counterstrike 1.3=buffer overflow

I upgraded my cstrike mod to 1.3 and now whenever i play i get kicked because of a buffer overflow. I use an ATI rage fury pro 32Mb card. glsetup says that i am running the latest drivers. i switch to Direct3D for a while and that keeps me in the game but after a while my whole computer crashes and i have to wait 2 hours before i can turn it on again. Are there older drivers that will work better than the current ones or do i have to wait for a newer update?

You should check the game support site before posting here ( There is a clearly labeled ATI patch there which solves this problem.

Ati’s chipset needs to be updated for hl at least week ago there was link to the patch at
my frien had overflow at cs last weekend after updating the chipset it worked just fine