ATI Ashli for NV3x

ATI Ashli GLSlang compiler generate all fragment instruction by 64 portion(which is native for R3x0) and with intermediate buffers.

Is anybody know how to change length of generated program to GFX native(1024) value (as result - intermediate buffers, which is unsupported by GFX, will not be used)?

Another thing - in Ashli GLSlang compiler I find a NV30f, NV30h, NV30x targets(corresponding to NV_FP), but I don’t know, how to switch it on?

Any ideas?

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Ashli GLSlang?

GLSlang to ARB_vp/fp or GLSlang to VS_20/PS_20 compiler(or translater, like you like).

Um… It’s a RenderMan shader compiler.

Ashli 1.1 include 2 parts:

  1. GLSlang compiler;
  2. RenderMan compiler;

probably, you speak about 1.0 or early version.

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