Ati and OpenGL

Under opengl setup I found this statment in the notepad:

  • WinME users with Radeon cards please note the following: Currently
    we are experiencing a bug in our test lab with GLSetup crashing after
    the installation process finishes (after you click on the Finish
    button). When GLSetup closes an error box will pop stating that
    GLSetup has cause an error with a GLS*.TMP file, where * is a random
    number. So far this doesn’t seem to effect the installation and is a
    bug related to GLSetup itself and not the drivers. If you experience
    this bug and have any problems, please file a bug report. If you are
    a non-Radeon owner or are not running WinME and you experience this
    bug please file a bug report.

  • We’re trying to track down a problem where after installing GLSetup,
    you cannot switch out of 640x480 mode. Sometimes reinstalling the
    monitor drivers via the display control panel solves the problem.
    Uninstalling GLSetup also fixes the problem. If you have this
    problem, and can reproduce it repeatedly (in other words, you install,
    have the problem, uninstall, it goes away, reinstall, it occurs again,
    etc.), PLEASE send a bug report (see below) and mention this clearly.
    It would really help us track down the problem.

  • It is very important that you have the latest drivers for your
    motherboard installed before you run GLSetup. This is important for
    all users, but it is especially true for AMD CPU owners with ATI cards
    (ATI Rage MAXX cards will not even boot with the latest display
    drivers if the motherboard drivers are not up to date, and you’ll have
    to reboot in Safe Mode and uninstall them). Please update your
    motherboard drivers before continuing. The webpage for your computer
    manufacturer should be able to point you in the right direction to
    upgrade the motherboard drivers.