ATI and glGenerateMipmap not working?

I have tried this on Nvidia and works great. ATI I have no luck. I am using glGenerateMipmap to generate mipmaps for simple 2D textures and isn’t working at all. Anyone else have this issue? If not anyone know of someone at ATI who I can forward this to? Please don’t tell me a bug list report as I never had a reply to anything I have sent…


I guess you need to call


what a joke, on Nvidia no need for a glEnable() call and ATI you need to. OH well more fun I guess!

FWIW I thought you had to enable GL_TEXTURE_xD to use those commands… Seems more like a marginally useful bug on NVidia’s end. :wink:

btw if you join the MacOpenGL mailing list I know that a fair few of the ATI guys monitor that list and do reply very quickly to bug reports etc.

Hey scratt, I will look into it. Thanks

Re: The email list…

Now that you’ve had it confirmed as a bug then it’s worth sending a report to BugReporter at Apple. I’d attach a copy of the email you have to the report also.


Yeah I will get to that soon I hope!!

BTW you moving to GL3 when it comes to OSX right away?

Absolutely. :slight_smile: I am also very much looking forward to CL.

I’d like to add that on NVidia (GF8400, GF6600 - these I tested), when getting back from minimzed mode to full-screen mode, mipmaps are not generated. Looks like they’re “lost” (like in D3D).