Ati 9600 pro // winxp !

I have installed my ati 9600 pro(128mb) on my PC and some games don’t work,

diablo 2
need4speed underground

they work but i dont get fullscreen
i dont see all that i should be able to see!
// need4speed goes 2 1600x1200 when i click on quick drive … but when i am done driveing it goes back to (800x600) and i cant see the hole screen

soz 4 bad eng. but plz help me !

a lady in need 4 help ! ((

i have the same prob.

dont start your own topic,your not going to get personal help, just shove it under the 9 page open gl subsyetem 1 and more ppl look at it casue its burning (means lots of hits)

iv never ehard of ur prob but check here

hah radeon 9700 pro. its because the makers are candian. here go here for good drivers … or go with omega/ ati drivers. Be patient ati SUCKS with drivers. i have that problem soemtimes too its the drivers and thats it. its not you or anythign so chill and keep up to date