* ATI 3D cards will not run games written for 3DFX chipsATI 3D cards WILL NOT run games written for 3DFX chips


Will my ATI 3D card run games written for 3DFX chips?

ATI 3D accelerator products are built around ATI 3D accelerator chips such as the 3D RAGE II and 3D RAGE PRO. These chips are designed to accelerate 2D and 3D graphics using industry standard programming interfaces such as DirectX, Direct3D and OpenGL.

Most current games for Windows 95, Windows 98 or Windows NT support one or more of these standards.

In addition, some games may offer specific drivers to support specific 3D chips or “3D chipsets”. If your game offers a special driver for the ATI 3D chip on your product, try that one, in addition to the standard DirectX, Direct 3D or OpenGL options. In some cases, performance may improve with a chip-specific driver.

Note that an ATI chip will NOT run a driver that is designed for a DIFFERENT 3D accelerator chip. For example, 3DFX offers “Glide” drivers to support their Voodoo, Voodoo Rush and Voodoo-2 chips. Since these are specifically written for the 3DFX chips, they will NOT execute properly on an ATI 3D accelerator chip.

Check your game documentation to determine whether an ATI-specific driver is available, or choose an industry standard interface such as DirectX, Direct3D or OpenGL.

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