Many of my Direct3D applications(mainly games) freeze using dx7, generally when starting to render a scene. I tried to solve the problem by playing in 640x480, with minimum texture resolution, and unchecked “adjust z-buffer depth to rendering depth” in detonator’s direct3d tab, and also unchecked “emulate table fog”. This helps, but hangups are frequent even this way. AND when I install dx8 nothing works except for 3dmark2001.

OpenGL applications always work without errors. How is it possible?

Are these hangups due to the low performance power supply? If yes, why are OpenGL apps running fine?

My config:

PC Chips M810LMR mainboard (SiS 730S chipset, newest BIOS)
230W power supply(115W combined power)
256MB PC133 memory
AMD Thunderbird 900MHz
Leadtek Winfast Geforce2 MX
Win2k prof. sp2, but also tried WinMe, and Win98, Win98 SE.

Preferred D3D apps: Fifa2001, NBA Live 2000,NHL2001.

P.S.: Sometimes(rarely) my computer freezes also when just being on the desktop, or surfing the web.

Thanks in advance,


Yeah it is very likely your power supply problem, get a 300 W. The problems can be very bazaar and rather illogical.

It is almost certainly an issue with your power supply. You definitely need a 300W minumum to get reliability from and Athlon system.