athlon,duron.opengl,crash fix inside

ok lockups entering windows,opengl crashes,cant enter opengl games,voodoo2 control panel want load,games cant find voodoo2 system reboots after loading windows and genral rundll32.dll crashes.
heres the fix its not the 4in1 drivers or the operating system trust me i tryed them all nor is it agp or any other card conflict
other than voodoo2 and amd chip
so go her and get the voodoo2 drivers fix
us dx8 or 7 if this doesn’t fix all your problems uninstall opengl and get gldirect
it workes and is just as good but only if the driver fix want fix all the problem
I have allso seen a geoforce fix for the same problems will post if i can find it again
let us know if this works for you