At all Quake3 or Opengl users with freeze Prob !

so ,

I ve tested GFX cards ;RAM;MB !

Some Games cannot handled CPUS (Duron or Athlon) with high Tactrates .

I ´ver tested (Gigabyte GA-7VTXEx
with Geforce MX 400 and Infineon DDR RAM -256 and 1200 AMD Duron)

all Opengl games won´t work , also D3D Games won´t work , but you can Play longer

After I put in a 700er AMD Duron , all Games worked fine .

I think it is The CPU-Architektur or you overclocked your CPU`S .

Try do get the CPU Speed down .

I ,ve changed all components , only this with the CPU works .

Sorry for Bad english , but I hope this will Help you all .

It´s not a Software or Opengl Problem !

Also make sure you have the latest Chipset and GFX-Drivers .

Well done