ASUS V9280/TD Ti4200 8X with TV-Out and DVI

i have just bought a ASUS V9280/TD Ti4200 8X with TV-Out and DVI graphics card. IVe set the card up in the pc and everything is fine, but i cant seem to figure out how to set up the TV-Out feature.No instructions r supplied with this and IVe never had a TV card b4. Some help would be fantastic. Can someone help me?
Also what is DVI?

You don’t need anything to enable the tv-out function. You might want to enable nview in advanced display properties. It allows you to manage the way your display is handled. You may also want to switch PAL/SECAM setting. But remember: just connect your TV and it should work.
PS: TD version HAS NO TV-IN, so don’t install the capture drivers, you will get an error saying the device can’t be started.