Asus V7700 Deluxe -> but no openGl

Like anybody else, i’ve got a new graphics card, and everything i try all open gl applications(games,screensavers, whatsoever)
dont work.
Halflife says ive got a wrong resolution for my card, unreal just quits and everything else fails, even some benchmarkprograms deliver cryptic messages like:
gl3D::initGLPixelFormat: Can’t wglMakeCurrent

i ve got the opengl32.dll, and no dva=0 anywhere…

so… what the hell is wrong???
please help!!!

Zero: I think that there isn’t an OpenGL driver for our cards yet.
(I have a CardExpert Geforce2 MX Twinview Plus GoldenSample- yeah, that is the real name)
When I try to load the newest GLSetup, it tells me that the drivers do not specifically match my card. Looking in their page, notice that the GeForce2 MX isn’t supported- only the GeForce is.

The weird thing is this: when I installed my card right off, I was able to play quake perfectly… but now I think I loaded something wrong, and it gives me “cannot load OpenGL Subsystem” errors when I load Quake.

Maybe there was a good OpenGL driver in my normal drivers- not sure…

My advice would be to bug ASUS for support for OpenGL drivers.

I have an ASUS AGP-V7700 Deluxe (GeForce2 GTS). I installed the software as it came and then installed the 5.33 updated driver from the ASUS website. Soldier of Fortune ran fine with both drivers. Try removing and then reinstalling the ASUS drivers. Install everything. It’s all there and it all can work. (At least it does for me). Good Luck!