Asus Radeon 9200SE open GL help

i have a 128mb radeon 9200se and i wanted to enable Open GL from the settings menu and i selected Open GL from the 3D menu but when i exit it automatically switches back to direct 3d it says it supports Open GL 1.4, I am pretty sure it was automatically with the drivers for the card. Asus website offers zero help, so i have no clue what the problem is.

ATI’s poor user interface design tricks people into believing that they can toogle between OpenGL and DirectX. Well you cant because both are active all the time and it is up to the game to simply use one or the other. You can only adjust DirectX or OpenGL settings in those tabs, thats all.

I also have a Ati radeon 9200 with the most recent drivers.
I just tried playing Medal of honor :AA again, but it crashed on the most common sentence: could not load openGL subsystem.

everywhere I read “download new drivers and everyting is fixed”… well… not here!
also I have played MOH:AA a lot of times on this very same computer, but for one reason or an other it stopt working…

any ideas or suggestions to what I can do about this?