ASSIMP:string too long error?

Hey there,
I’m almost mad…
I’ve got a ready code which SHOULD work with any .obj models out there but…
it only works with the nanosuit example model and NOTHING else. Most of the time I get this error: ASSIMP::string too long and nothing loads. Is there a fix for this? Can someone give me a 100% working .obj model loader (that’s tested recently and works)? Deadline is coming soon and I have no ideas what could be wrong as I don’t understand anything in this subject. Please somebody help me pass my exam :frowning:
I wanna load one of these models and display it (or them, depends if it’s easy to put more than one model at once):
Dodge Challenger:
Dodge Charger:
Ford Mustang:

You may want to look through the ASSIMP bug list and take this up with the ASSIMP folks. Here’s one ASSIMP bug report that looks like it might be related to your error:

and here’s a link to their discussion forums:

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I actually found an empty map_Kd in the mtl of one of the models. Will try removing those and test Monday (file is huge but yeah, hopefully not many will be empty xd). Thanks! At least I got something to try now.

@Dark_Photon seems like the ‘string too long’ error is gone after removing the empty variables in the .mtl. Thanks for that. But now, even though there are no errors, the object isn’t drawn anywhere (where I can see it that is). Is there a way to put the camera right in front of the object or if it’s too small, to increase its scale to a normal size somehow?
I can’t test manually as there are virtually endless posibilities for position/scale numbers.

All fixed, thanks a lot for the help :slight_smile: