ase parser

Hi, I try to wrote an .ase parser to produce an .h file. BUT I can’t understand how the material are attributed to each mesh_face ?


1st face …*MESH_MTLID 0
last one…*MESH_MTLID 5

the problem is that I have 1 materiel (id 0)with 2 sub materiel (id 0 and 1) each one have three submaterial (id 0 1 2)
So, to which material refere MESH_MTLID

Thanks for your help.
(I’m not sure that it is very clear so don’t hesitate to ask if you think you can help me)
(and yes I’m a french student who don’t speak english very well).

One more question.

Does the beginning of a materiel (ie ambient diffuse …) change something to his submaterial. Or only what the sub material redefines is useful ?

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Or maybe I could think about doing a little research on my own. Oh for instance, if I wanted to learn more aobut the ASE format, I might check the specification for it on Also, a search on these forums would probably turn something up because there has probably been many people talking about ASE format before…

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Ok, so your posts weren’t the same day… my point about searching the forum and checking is still valid, though. Just a quick search on the form for ASE MESH_MTLID turned up this thread that you may find useful.

I can’t speak for other people that regularly follow these boards, but I often don’t check the messages for a few days due to any number of reasons. (Real life sometimes gets in the way.) I typically start from the last thread with a new response and work my way back up through them all, so “bumping” your message has no effect on people like me other than to be annoying.

Thanks for the link, and for your little lesson :sunglasses:

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