ASE File problem.. missing Triangles


I got som wierd problem… when I render an object I read from ase file some triangles disapear when I render the object. for exampel If I render an teapot the and rotate it so the pipe is towards the eye it disapear. and the handle who is facing away from the eyepos is visible throu the teapot

any Idea why ?

Are you using depth sorting? If not, that could explain the handle showing through the body.

As for parts of it vanishing when it rotates, my guess would be it’s being culled because it crosses the near clip plane. Any number of calls can alleviate that condition.

I am using Z buffer… I think… I just came home from a party I´ll check tomorrow

I had this strange problem when loading a model too…try change your desktop color to 16 bit or 24 bit or 32 bit
Only one of those worked for me
isn’t that weird ?
anyway try it !

Sleep is a waste of time

hm… that sounds wierd… but I have to try

but it is wierd that it render the object behind ontop of the object in front :stuck_out_tongue: it is like the z-buffer is reversed or something

Assuming you DO have a Z-buffer, did you enable it? You know, it’s disabled by default.

yes I have it enabled if it is glEnable(depth_test) or something like that

try enabling blending…
that helped on my situation…