ASE file loading

hey, would some 1 mind sharing how to load an ASE file with me? r there any examples, im currently trying,
what im doing is
reading each line putting it in a string, searching the string to see if its got the vertex command at the front of it, if so…
this is where im stuck…


Hi, I’m just writing an ASE loader, too. Although it still does not load materials, it could interest you… I’m just sending it by e-mail to you.

hello, I am alos in the process of writing an ASE loader and the way I am going about it is that I am creating an array that can hold the index and the 3 vertices (x,z,y). Loop through the file and when you get to the vertex info just put the index as the first element and the 3 floats in the order I stated above (x,z,y). I’m not sure what to do about the vertex normals though.