Artist Solution?

Hey there…

I was wondering about anyone having a compiled collada viewer? I would like to simply test the ease of a XSI > Collada pipeline. and test the different import/export options that are available in XSI.


  • i found the cviewer example in the contribution sub forum, thanks

*hmm seems i was wrong… i need to be a developer to take advantage of this

Do you mean you want a prebuild version of the cviewer ?
We should probably have this in the SDK

Marcus is on his way to Imagina, so in the mean time, if anyone can post a link to their build of the cviewer, that could help artists.

Regarding XSI/COLLADA, Softimage is working on a COLLADA plugin to import COLLADA files directly in the XSI viewer. This should be available shortly on this web site.


Ah thank you very much remi

and to whomever posts their build.

I would like to do some testing of what has been made already. give artist feeback maybe. maybe do some DCC app comparisons. possibly get more people to notice this vision.

I am also a student. so being able to test my work in realtime. see it played back. or to actually give someone the cviewer and a simple file or files to view something i did. where they can navigate it and playback animations. just an idea :wink:


is there anyway i can read a summary of the imagina conference?
or get an overview or better yet… :shock: … a video?