ARGB image types

I am using images which are in ARGB formats. These images I am using for textures. Since I did not come across any symbolic constansts like GL_ARGB, I swapped the bits and used GL_RGBA. Because of this, my animation are slow. Hence I would like to know, is there any symbolic constants like GL_ARGB or is there any other way to improve the performance of the animation. Thanks in advance.

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Bit-flipping should only be done once: at load time. After that, the texture is already bound to a texture object (assuming that you are using texture objects. If you are concerned about performance, this should be your first step), so to use it, you just call glBindTexture again.

Thanks korval…One more information. Does GL_ARGB extension exist ??? If so in which version of the library it is supported…???

i dont think so theres
BGRA (opengl1.2 this might be quicker for windows)
RGBA (standard)

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Thanks Zed…