are there any OGL 2.1 tutorials available?

i’ve been doing some searching on the net for some non fixed-pipeline tutorials, but all seem to have the same scheme, they all use the
Begin/End Paradigm.
Does anyone know about a non fixed-pipeline tutorial? to get prepared for when OGL 3 material is released…
Thanks in advance!

Are you referring to vertex array examples? Just google for those and you’ll find a few from Nehe etc… Probably should read that section of the red book and then read up on vertex buffer objects, as that’s more the standard at this point.

Here is a pack of OpenGL code samples using just programmable, VBOS, etc. proper OpenGL 2.1 new stuff. I have to update it for the new extensions that can with OpenGL 3 but that’s already not bad.

It works quite well on my computer, someone tall me he has issue but without details … so if any report them to me!


actually I wasn’t just talking about vertex arrays and VBOs, but also about matrices and coordinate transformations, the red book does not explain them using vertex shaders, so I wanted to find a tutorial where they did (without using the matrix stack, projection and ortho).

That a more difficult topic I think.
I could only advise you a good book: