Are there any *good* free collada viewers available now?

It is very tough to be a great painter if you can’t see.*

Anyways, I currently use ColladaLoader and it is decent enough. I’m familiar with TerrainView. Anything else out there?

I e-mailed the Feeling guys and they refuse to distribute their viewer now. I am writing an exporter and am not particularly interested in implementing a full-on viewer.

  • Some might point out Claude Monet, who fell into blindness late in his career, which probably motivated some of the best works of the Impressionist movement. But let’s just say that’s far from the topic at hand…

On Mac OS X 10.6+ Preview will allow you to see a COLLADA file.

Also SketchUp has a COLLADA importer/exporter in its free version.

hope this helps.

Well I was in the process of asking questions myself and in the process of trying to find out answers to those, I found some answers to your question. There are two viewers I found.

a) colladaAirViewer from papervision. It is a bit primitive in looking at models and specialises in wireframes. However there is an animation feature with this free software. I must admit I found this of limited use for my purposes and you’ll have to search for it as I do not know the URL offhand.

b) However provides an amazing viewer to be offered free. I am developing my own viewer for a specific purpose and I use this to compare notes so to speak. It is the best viewer I have found. The Collada spec is not for the faint hearted and they have done a jolly good job on it.

Hope this helps.