Are the changes to the 'triangle strips with adjacency' spec. diagram documented?

I was reading about the “triangle strips with adjacency” primitive in the 3.3 core spec. The text specification made sense, but the Figure 2.6 diagram that showed examples for the primitive seemed to have mistakes in it, like:

-The top left diagram seemed to be intended for drawing one triangle. In that case, vertex 6 should actually be an adjacent vertex, and there should be a dotted line between “vertices 3 and 6” and “vertices 5 and 6”.

-The top right diagram seemed to be intended for drawing two triangles. In that case, “vertex 9” should be labeled “vertex 8”. And that vertex should be an adjacent vertex, with dotted lines between “vertex 5 and vertex 8” and “vertex 7 and vertex 8”.

-The bottom two diagrams are identical. At first glance, I’d feel like they were intended to be different, though.

I looked around, and found that the 4.2 spec had a correct Figure 2.6 diagram.

So while the error was already corrected, I was wondering about if this change was documented anywhere. I couldn’t find it in the “L.4 Change Log” section for the 4.2 spec, or in the “Khronos public bugtracker”, which seems to be the official place to report specification mistakes.

If the change wasn’t documented, would it be worth requesting for it to be documented? If so, would I request it in the “Khronos public bugtracker”?

FWIW, figure 2.6 is incorrect in the 2011-08-08 revision of the 4.2 spec and correct in the 2012-04-27 revision. There were also revisions on 2011-08-22 and 2012-01-19, but I don’t have those versions to check (AFAICT, only the most recent revision is publicly available).