I would like to know if there are some drivers that support this extension? and if not, is it plained by ATI or Nvidia? Also, anyone knows if the extension looks like nv_vertex_program? I mean, I’ve just very quickly read the registry at sgi and I wonder if I might implement my vertex shader with the nvidia extension now (coz I’ve got nvidia 3d card of course) or should I implement with arb and wait for drivers?


tons of questions that you can simply answer yourself…

so that you don’t need any brain:
its not yet in any drivers as far as i know, but will soon be in the nvidia and ati drivers, as they sure want to provide opengl1.4 in their drivers.

read the spec. its about the same as the nv_vertex_program, yes, and you should NOT try to use the nv_vertex_program anymore, but use the arb, as it is the official one.

i will get soon a radeon9700 and it will be my first card with vertex shaders. if you code for the nv ext i will never see your app running.

Thanks for your answer, I would like to apologize for asking stupid question, but I didn’t have the courage to read completly the extension spec. Shame on me, I know ! By the way, anyone have a date for the release of driver supporting opengl 1.4 (I didn’t show any information on nvidia site)?


you find it out when its there. as always…

According to Beyond3D’s review the ARB_vertex_program is already supported on R9700 with current drivers. Hopefully that means we’ll see support for R8500 too in the not to distant future.

Hummus is correct, the 9700 supports ARB_vertex_program with the drivers in the box. The 8500 and 9000 will be supporting it shortly.

For those planning to use ARB_vertex_porgram on the 9700, I would suggest downloading the latest drivers. There was one or two minor issues where the implementation had behavior from a stale version of the spec. These were corrected, but I am not sure if they made the boxed driver.


OS X 10.2 ships with ARB_vertex_program for almost all cards (down to the Rage128 I think). It also comes with Shader Builder that lets you edit vertex and pixel shader code, test it and see the C code needed to setup all the state. Also included is a nice OpenGL profiler.


Is there any solution for poor nvidia cards owner, I mean to use arb_vertex_program under win32 before the release of driver? As I’m pretty hurry, and I don’t want to develop a plateform specific application but if I can’t do it properly I’ll use nvidia extension.