ARB_vertex_program w/ATI & Linux

Can someone recommend a proper combination of OpenGL header and library files inorder to compile and link an ARB_vertex_program using ATI’s drivers?

(This works wonderfully with Nvidia’s linux environment.)

I tried compiling against the Mesa 5.0 include files, but it appears their is no support for ARB_vertex_program. If I compile against nvidia’s includes and link with ATI’s libGL, my link fails with:

`glGenProgramsARB’ undeclared (first use this function)

However, if I move a binary from my nvidia system to the ATI machine, it works. Also, glxinfo reports support for ARB_vertex_program.


I just found extgl at and it did the trick.

Thanks to Lev Povalahev !

It works on NVIDIA drivers cause they implement the arb extension as a native and normal function call… no extension loading needed. As ATI drivers do not reimplement gl headers they still need extension loading.

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