ARB_multitexture uses a bunch of #defines such as

However after searching gl\gl.h I could not find these constants. Which file are they located in and where can I get the file?

thanks all.

They should be in glext.h which you can grab from Nvidia’s site, or from one of the links on this site, I think.

The second thing you know is that you have to define all the functions yourself (assuming that you’re using Windows), and use wglGetProcAddress to get the function pointers. Jordan Isaak was kind enough to send me his code that does this (although I wrote something myself, to make it context safe). I can forward it to you, if you’d like.

Thanks for the offer but I found five tutorial code samples from the web which seem to do what you suggest. nVidia site has an OpenGL SDK which contains glext.h which has all the #defines and functions declarations for extensions.