ARB functions? they dont figure in my opengl dll!

hi ive seen a delphi demo which uses some ARB functions however it had no opengl dll included so i wondered how did it got those functions to work ??? i scanned my opengl dll with a dll spyer tool i got for free and no ARB functions appears to exist

how do i use for example glMultiTexCoord2fARB then??? im under windows xp and got latest nvidia drivers thanks also where can i get documentation about the ARB functions? so i can see which values they need etc oh also those functions with NV at the end, will only work on NVIDIA cards?? are there any ATI counterparts? thanks !!

Usage of post-OpenGL 1.1 on windows, RTFAQ:
Do it manually or use libs designed to helps on this like GLEW

Official specs for all GL extensions :

From safest to most restricted extensions :

  • ARB : means the gl Architecture Review Board has approved the extention (means most vendors will want to implement it, eventually can be part of the next GL version).
  • EXT : more than one vendor implements it
  • NV/ATI/SGI/… : this extension is specific to this vendor. Not always true though.
  • NVX/ATIX/SGIX/… : experimental extensions, mainly used internally.