ARB Feedback

So… Any news on this ARB meeting that happened nearly 2 months ago? We were asked to contribute with extension ideas but I haven’t heard of any return on the ARB’s part.

I just wish we could have some idea of progress of OpenGL based on all the debate we have on the forum over future extensions and core features.

Also, usually it’s hard to get something perfectly right the first time. It would make sense to have some iterative process where we ask for stuff (with justifications) and some drafts are posted which can then further be debated.

Unfortunately the ARB meetings are super top secret, so it’s unlikely they’ll say anything about them.

Although it would be nice to know if the page we put together was useful.


What’s really unfortunate is that they use to be not super top secret but since they did such a bad communication around Long Peak, it became super top secret …

Also I think that if you take the information released like extensions or nVidia presentation we could ‘guess’ about what they are working on.

But I agree, an official report would be super nice to make the community happy. Yes, there is importante!

It would be great to see some new OpenGL pipeline newsletters appearing. I liked them very much. On the other hand, when new specs are released every 6 months, the wait for news never takes very long ;-).

Indeed morning coffee just isn’t the same without the Pipeline.

True. Morning coffee would be so much better with a new Pipeline every now and then!

I’d rather see new spec every 6 month then Pipeline newsletters full of broken promises (see Long Peak)

I’d rather see the good old Jon Leech meeting reports than the Pipeline newsletters

I’d like to see anything at all.