ARB extension with GLEW


I am trying to use GLSL(ARB extention) with GLEW.
My development environment and code are bellow.
[ul][li]Windows XP Home []Visual Studio 2005 professional[]Mobirity Radeon 9700[]GLEW version 1.5.1[]OpenGL version 1.5.4456 WinXP Release (from glGetString(GL_VERSION)) [/ul][/li][quote="“ARB extention info from glewinfo.exe”"]
GL_ARB_shader_objects: OK

glAttachObjectARB: OK
glCompileShaderARB: OK
glCreateProgramObjectARB: OK
glCreateShaderObjectARB: OK
glDeleteObjectARB: OK
glDetachObjectARB: OK
glGetActiveUniformARB: OK
glGetAttachedObjectsARB: OK
glGetHandleARB: OK
glGetInfoLogARB: OK
glGetObjectParameterfvARB: OK
glGetObjectParameterivARB: OK
glGetShaderSourceARB: OK
glGetUniformLocationARB: OK
glGetUniformfvARB: OK
glGetUniformivARB: OK
glLinkProgramARB: OK
glShaderSourceARB: OK
glUniform1fARB: OK
glUniform1fvARB: OK
glUniform1iARB: OK
glUniform1ivARB: OK
glUniform2fARB: OK
glUniform2fvARB: OK
glUniform2iARB: OK
glUniform2ivARB: OK
glUniform3fARB: OK
glUniform3fvARB: OK
glUniform3iARB: OK
glUniform3ivARB: OK
glUniform4fARB: OK
glUniform4fvARB: OK
glUniform4iARB: OK
glUniform4ivARB: OK
glUniformMatrix2fvARB: OK
glUniformMatrix3fvARB: OK
glUniformMatrix4fvARB: OK
glUseProgramObjectARB: OK
glValidateProgramARB: OK

My program can work in another computer which has Geforce7900.

My computer can compile another shader program.
(For example )

Help me!

Sorry. I found problem.
Vertex shader program was too heavy for Mobility Radeon 9700.

  1. Where’s the question?

  2. Since you use a laptop, you most certainly do not have the latest driver installed. Try DhMod-Tool to configure ATI drivers to be able to install them on laptops, too (for more information abuot this, consult the almighty google).


Thanks for your advice :slight_smile:
I will try it.

Oh, i didn’t see the red arrow. Anyway, glad you found your problem.


Old Radeon drivers had a bad habit of going babanas instead of reporting an error with shader compilation.
It may be a good idea to make an application catch exceptions and inform user about a problem with driver (of course if it’s not the application that caused exception by passing bad data to driver or calling non-existing entry point).

I didn’t realize that my problem was in the driver.
Thank you very much :wink: