Approximation to Global Illumination

I wouldn’t be able to help you on this one even if I thought you deserved it. But I had some spare time and thought the point needed to be made.
In my opinion, it’s one thing asking for someone to explain an algorithm, answer questions on it and subsequently ask for source to clarify it, and another to completely close the conversation down by saying you haven’t got time to understand it and demand source code.
Still, you’ve got your source now yet you’re still returning to the thread, so you can’t be all bad.

Jesus! It was fun for a while, but can we stop that nonsense now? This is not a Kindergarten, for god’s sake!

Do not take the lords name in vain, jan.

hehe…having been away from here for two months playing warcraft: can anyone tell me if i missed more entertaining threads like this? if yes, can someone post a link?

I tried sucking michagl in to one of my ‘discussions’ the other month, but he wasn’t having any of it. Shame.

can you post a link? i’m too lazy to search :smiley:

so am i.

so we have a draw now. maybe somebody else will come into this thread and find your posts for us.


can anyone tell me if I missed more entertaining threads like this?

Go in WOW Barrens general channel… and start with, “me and my friend knackered are gay lord paladins!”.

Lazy, ignorant and happy to exhibit juvenile homophobia in public, golgoth. Your mother must be so proud.
I notice you still haven’t demonstrated any further interest in understanding the subject you’ve been asking for help on, despite having revisited the thread many times. Must be good source you’re cleverly “reverse engineering”.

Right, I don’t know what your parents did to you… you have serious issues “trying” to get others people saying and turning it into your own BS… Bravo, you failed miserably at being an ass, you should go back to work.

I blame a morbid fascination as to the reason I keep returning to this thread. I’m the same with road accidents.
Golgoth, I fail to see why you think I’ve got issues. Why don’t you explain what you think those issues might be, without throwing childish insults at me.
Take some deep breaths, look at where your fingers are falling on the keyboard, and explain.
Review the replies I’ve given to you in this thread from start to finish, to give yourself some much needed perspective.
The worst I can be accused of is trying to instil some sort of work ethic in you.
(and pointing out that you appear to be homophobic - quite a distasteful trait).
I fully expect this thread to be ‘cleaned up’ by dorbie at some point in the not too distant future - I’ve been here before.

Expecting Dorbie to cleanup up what? your mess? Maybe you should read the thread back yourself knackered… please don’t. Even though you have not contribute to the topic of this thread at all, I know you from previous threads and I have no doubts that you are a brilliant man, but understanding how Opengl works does not make you a better person… it might makes you think you are… how do you like this perspective? Even if I made a terrible mistake asking for resources, (plus, I made myself clear I had no time for this atm)… no one, beside you, is perfect and there is no need to remind them to make yourself feel better… but hey, thanks for the ethic… interesting, “everyone should think like me” twisted-god-complex-therapy, it is really elegant!

Ok golgoth, you win (eloquence always beats my mindless ranting). For a busy man, you don’t arf misplace your energies - get reading about global illumination instead of trolling innocent people on forums!
I’m in a slack period myself, hence the waffling - but I am quite bored of this now.
(nice of you to suggest I’m brilliant, but I assure you I’m by no means brilliant. I just know OpenGL quite well, but coming up with new rendering techniques is not me. But I still need to understand things before I use them, I’d just get into trouble further down the line if I didn’t understand what I’ve implemented)


you haven’t got a spare battery for an Ericson, have you?

Good day to you too!

Golgoth, I see you have met knackered. :smiley:

Don’t worry though, we’ve all had our own “conversations” with knackered at one point. :stuck_out_tongue:

This is an interesting topic, despite all the mud slinging (of course, who doesn’t enjoy some nice mud slinging? :slight_smile: .

i am not a gay paladin- since i am a night elf, i cannot be a paladin at all, and i do not even need to be gay, because the bear i tamed gives me all the tenderness i need.

what about you, knackered- orc, troll or undead?

I’m a bit lost now.
WOW is world of warcraft, yes?
I suppose I would be a troll under a bridge somewhere.