Apply multiple textures to a skydome

I have a really big image > 4096x4096 that i map to a half sphere. My implementation works but on some plateforms the image cannot be loaded because its too big. Altought i can load it in separated sub textures and OpenGL ES can render those smaller textures.

Lets say i separated my big image in 4 sub images (picture 2 rows & 2 cols on the big image source)…Right now i have 1 vertices array (triangle strip), 1 normal array and 1 texture coord array. I guess that I have to generate 1 vertices/normals/texCoord array per sub texture
My problem is that i am not sure how to apply the sub images to my dome vertices…

Anyone did that before?

This sort of problem is typically solved using an authoring tool such as Blender, 3DS or Maya. These tools map texture images to arbitrary meshes and then provide the texture coordinate data in a Collada file which your game engine will parse and send to OpenGL.

Regards, Clay

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