Application without window


sorry this is a translation from Google:

It takes time to seek a possible solution to the problem, how do I build a 3D application with no windows, but NO
full-screen for WinXP? Is it possible?

For example, I can build a 3D model in MAX, adding controls to Visual Studio, and use this model
interface implementation, but not inside any window, okay?

I tried with Visual C + +, Console Application, Application Win32, MFC, etc, but fails when you remove all
References in the main window.

Please if anyone knows a workaround, I need it desperately.

It is a pity that there are no forums in Spain OpenGL, such as this, saludos #

What is a 3D application with no windows ?
You mean without window borders, cross etc ?

On CreateWindowEx, use dwExStyle=0x190 and dwStyle=0x4CA0000 .
Sorry, in my only reference I hardcoded those values ^^’