Application crash when calling gluEndSurface if trim curves have gaps or reversed etc

Has anyone experienced the problem where the application crashes when rendering a Trimmed NURBS surface where the trim curve(s) do not conform to the rules (eg incorrect winding direction; gaps; points outside parametric space)? My application is written in Intel Fortran (latest version). The original version was written several years ago and worked fine on Window 32 bit OS but since changing to 64-bit the program is very unstable where the main culprit is rendering of trimmed surfaces. I’ve discussed the problem with guys on the Intel Fortran Forum and we suspect a bug in the Microsoft OGL library for 64-bit. My only course of action seems to be to validate the trim curves before sending to OGL. I was wondering if anyone in the OGL community have any better ideas. If it is a known bug is there a way to get Microsoft to address it?

Thanks for reading

Have you run a memory checker on it such as Dr. Memory, UMDH, Purify, etc.? I would ensure that there are no 32-bit-isms running around corrupting your memory (e.g. blindly assuming that pointers can be stored in the storage for ints, that longs are 32-bits, etc.)

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