Apple-style reflection

I already managed to implement the classical stencil-buffer reflection as described in one of the NeHe-tutorials. Now I want to implement a reflection as used by Apple’s graphical designers.

On the Apple homepage, for example, you see (now) the new iPhone. It stands on a reflective floor, but not the whole phone reflects in the floor, only the part nearest to it. The more it goes away from the floor, the less intensive is its reflection.

How can I achieve this effect?

look up fresnel reflection.
here’s a link…

of cause, that reflection is done by just flipping the original image and fading it out, it’s mostly just 2D work, so no Fresnel reflection here.
You could try to render a second pass on the reflected image this time you use a gradient texture to fade to background.
this effect would work in similar ways to ground fog with just a few tweaks.

ok, i will try that.
thanks a lot!