Api to get the screen width and height in mm

Hi all,
I want to know if there is an API to get the screen width and height in mm which could be used in cygwin.
Also if someone could provide me a way to convert pixels in to mm.
I used the parameter GLUT_SCREEN_Width _MM but it crashes my application in cygwin.


You should find out the resolution of your monitor (not only pixel sizes but also screen size in mm). you’ll be able to easily deduce what you want.

Under linux we have such informations: Dot per Inch. generally monitors are 78Dpi if I remember well. With few calculations you could end easily.

“What jide said”

…but you’re usually still dependent on the user having properly set the size (in inches or centimeters) of the display, though I suppose PnP monitors could have the functionality to provide that information.