Anyone willing to offer pointers on howto-Isometric Engines?

In particular, making a extremely detailed terrain. (not really asking how to do, just some pointers in the right direction)

General pointers on how to Ultima Online type interfaces, Diablo. I have seen many in directx, but much prefer to use opengl.

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You’ll need very detailed textures/bmp to make a very detailed terrain.
As welle you may require very little tiles/triangles.
You could use the OpenGL 3d acceleration to optimise your 2d iso engine.

About the interfaces : Don’t really understand what you want…
In the gfx part it’s a simple bmp around the screen.

hopes it helps.

I was planning on using 64x64 tiles for landscape and texmap em onto the appropriate landscape areas, but for extremely high detail, it would seem I would eat up triangles quick. Buildings are simple, as well as billboarding trees, but the land itself seems to use alot of tri’s.
My currrent attempt runs much slower than I would like.
Know of any easy way to do this?