Anyone know of GL_NV_point_sprite has ever work on ATI cards?

It doesn’t show up in the extension string, so that may be more than a little telling, but if you ignore that you can setup the extension’s functions. It’s even in ATI’s extension loading library. Based on some with my Radeon 9700, however, it doesn’t look like works at all. I get an invalid enum error with:


Has it ever worked, though?

from specs:
ATI Implementation Details

This extension is supported on the Radeon 8000 series and later

In order to ensure that Radeon 8000 series will accelerate point
sprite rendering using TCL hardware, make sure that the point sprite
R mode is set to GL_ZERO.  (This is the default.)

Radeon 8000 series can render points as large as 2047.


The spec says that, but none of ATI’s drivers ever implemented the extension (or at least not correctly).

I’ve been kind of wondering about this extension myself (never bothered to email them about it though).

Damn. Maybe we’ll get lucky and GL2 will have point sprite functionality.

Apparently, an ARB extension will appear soon, as this feature is (most probably) moving to the core (GL 1.5)