Anyone know of a good sound lib?

and free?

BASS, look for it on altavista probably find it fast, it is very good sound lib, and if u want something that ppl claim is easy and free as well (but i thought bass was faster to use)then use fmod.sorry no urls

OpenAL has been talked about recently in quite a few different quarters. Its supposed to be a free-cross platform 3d sound library. I so clever I couldn’t get it to work though

Paul Groves
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FMOD is nice too. I can’t really say which one is better, BASS or FMOD. BASS sounds
often a bit better, but FMOD provides
better functions to synchronize graphics
with the sound (especially if you use MOD/XM/S3M whatever kind of module)

Personally I prefer FMOD.
This is only my opinion, of yourse.


Since Tom decided to put an openion here, i decided to put one in to Although fmod is quite nice and provides alot of documentation and info, Bass does sound very well and is easier to start with in my op, look upwards for BASS url
I am sorry i had to say this

Id be interested to know how people think bass is easier to use than fmod?

FSOUND_Init(44100, 32, 0);
mod = FMUSIC_LoadSong(“song.xm”);

is hard?


samp = FMUSIC_LoadWav(FSOUND_FREE, “samp.wav”);
FSOUND_PlaySound(FSOUND_FREE, samp);

FMOD is twice as fast and has many more features for game and demo development.

I cant remember exactly why i had bad memories about it, maybe it was bacause the minifmod didnt work on my sound card (apparntly only works on 16 bit i think or 8)…No offence FireLight(or whatever ur name is)

Minifmod is not for newbies

minifmod also only supports 16bit sound cards who’s complaining about that besides people with **** 8 bit cards?

(8 bit cards went out about 10 years ago? )

I read all these opinions. Downloaded FMOD.
Got it up and running in one of my GLUT samples. Thanks, guys!

What ever happened to that <mmsound.h>
and PlaySound function, eh? That was the easiest one liner to remember too

Well, you would say that wouldn’t you Brett?

The BASS equivalent would be…

mod = BASS_MusicLoad(0,“song.xm”,0,0,0);

Real complicated, eh?

And as for your claim that FMOD is twice as fast - BULL! True, the FMOD mixing is quicker, but the accuracy and sound quality doesn’t even come close to BASS - just ask any experienced tracker.

And BASS’s MP3 playback is actually quicker than FMOD’s - I see your comparison page still compares it to BASS 0.7 - trying to hide the fact?

Hi, i didnt say anything about bass, i said FMOD wasnt hard to use. You seem to have a bad attitude

FMOD’s mod accuracy is fine (no bug reports for a long time now about that… ive actualy got tunes that fmod plays correctly where fmod plays them perfectly), and the quality is fine now with volume ramping 32bit interpolation.
So theres that, and then the fact that fmod IS indeed a lot faster.

The reason i havent updated the comparison charts is from pure laziness. I cant be expected to retest and update the charts EVERY time a new version of every player listed comes out … Also look at the fact that in some tests i compare against FMOD 3.0 not the latest 3.2… ?

Thanks for your time

“ive actualy got tunes that fmod plays correctly where fmod plays them perfectly”

should have read

“ive actualy got tunes that fmod plays correctly where bass plays them totally wrong”… and as a side note also mp3 files that crash bass…

what about OpenAL?

Can OpenAL play modules ?

So Brett, when you said “FMOD is twice as fast and has many more features” you were doing what now? Where I come from that is a comparative statement.

My post did not show “a bad attitude”, I was simply correcting your false propaganda. And if you aren’t going to update your compararison page when it maybe doesn’t show what you want it to show, then don’t have a comparison page! BASS 0.8 has been around since February, plenty of time to update your page.

As for your claim that “FMOD’s mod accuracy is fine… and the quality is fine”, I’ve yet to see anyone saying “I use FMOD because of it’s accuracy and sound quality”. FMOD’s only advantage is it’s speed, which is becoming less and less of an advantage with today’s processing power. And remember, quality is always going to cost a few extra cycles.

Now maybe you should just let people make up their own minds, and not use false information to try to promote FMOD!

Hey, where can I find a good MODule maker ?

hmm, i am sorry i dont have a url for u but i know if u look it up on atlavista u will find it. This proggy is something like 4-7 years old and is i believe a set standard in the indsutry!!!it came from the beautiful DEMO SCENE which i dont know if u know what it is but i am tired of explaining to ppl
loved the history lesson?
the proggy name if ft2, if u want a good lesson on tracking go to:
oh sorry the full name of ft2 is:
fast tracker 2
the tutorial (i dont know which one) on united-trackers will tell u a bit about the proggy as well.
Have fun!

FMOD’s comparison pages will be updated with the next release (i just noted its even comparing some routines against fmod 3.0!), with a few surprises (especially in the mp3 department).
There is no ‘false’ information being promoted here, when i said it was twice as fast i agree that was a bit of a sweeping statement but it is shown that the 16bit sample quality mixers are indeed 2x faster than any of the closest competition and 4 or 5 times faster than some others.

When some library software routines can take 10-25% (qsound can take this much for example) on a p3-500 I say CPU usage is still very relevant and developers seem to agree when it comes to making a choice. Speed is getting less and less relevant, but thats where FMOD succeeds with its superior gaming API (a3d 3.0, geometry, eax 2.0 etc and higher functionality) which is proven in high profile commercial titles such as south park rally by acclaim, starship troopers by microprose and other new bigname titles that are still under NDA.
People are making the choice and ive got the downloads, demos, and licensing deals to prove it.

Dont be afraid of a litle competition it makes the world go round!