anyone don't know in this forum? wow

this is an off topic but i must ask
i am loading quake3 bsp files…
and i am checking all planes for if i am in front of the plane if it is i am in my world… but sliding?


I’m assuming what your asking for is how to do collision detection with BSP files. There are tons of little engines/bsp viewers that do this on the net. This link is one of the many I found from searching with google.

That is a link to the open source Arfnold2 engine. This engine loads quake 2 BSP files, has AABB collision detection, BSP/PVS traversal, etc. For quake 3 BSP files it’s done pretty much the same way.


Thanks sir knight i worked on ray and sphere collision test… and the example that gave me in link is simple i think but i dont understand because of i dont know anything about quake2 bsp structor person can understand a few thing from code but not all ))
can u give some puseudo code example? or someone?