Anybody have Rasteroid 3.1 Opengl es implementatin?

where do i download Rasteroid? i tried to download it on
but nothing. i donnt know what happend?

help me!!! thanks a lot

I found it on old HDD hehe. Here it is:

*valid till mid april.

If you work with it on WinCE, then do you know how to force the cube example to go fullscreen? :confused:

Hybrid was acquiredby nVidia almoust 2 years ago. use a diff implementation there are many to pick from. i recomend powerVR sdk

Can you use PowerVR SDK to build apps for all ppc/smartphones not powered by Imagination chip?

I think not, if im mistaken then i gotta look closer to this sdk :slight_smile:

Are the rasteroid files still available somewhere ? :frowning:

I am desperately seeking a copy of Rateroid OpenGL ES.
The link above is no longer working, and the Hybrid website no longer exists.
Does anyone still have a copy?
Rene Lindsay

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