Any tutorials or books on writing a decent scene graph for games?

I can find almost every tutorial imaginable on OpenGl, but I have not been able to find one article or tutorial or a book that would cover the topic of writing a scene graph for a game (or a graphic application). Yet this is the crucial thing in almost any 3d application.
From the few books that I have, they always seem to skip this topic…
Does anyone know of any books, tutorials, web resources, articles etc. that would cover this topic?
Yes, I know there are things like SceneGraph or OpenSG, but I’d like to learn how to write them :slight_smile:

Thank you,

“3D Game Engine Design” by Dave Eberly. Find it on Amazon, ISBN1-55860-593-2 or take a look at his web site at

I find Eberly’s book useful for some stuff, but definitely not for SceneGraph. And it’s fully loaded of errors and typo everywhere.

You’d rather google for scene graph and take a look at papers llike “Generalized scene graph”. CiteSeer works well too for publications.


I have a book that I wrote on Game engine design “Introduction to 3D Game Engine Design” through Apress. It is written using C# and DirectX9 but the concepts would be the same regardless of implementation. It might give you some ideas.