Any solutions to these opengl errors

I have read every post on here regarding these opengl problems. I have tried all posted fixes and still cant play MOHAA.

Does anyone have a solution that works? Preferably for everybody.

I havent been able to play CS,MOHAA,RTCW,SOF2 for 2 months now. Why because XP has stuck an obegine up my backend.

I sent them an email asking what the fuk with these OPENGL problems and they said
“At Present we are dealing with more important issues than gaming. We appologise that your games are currently not working and we aim to come up with a resolution when maintanence on the xp platform has been completed. Please wait for the next Microsoft Service pack.”

In other words what that means is this. “**** off and dont bother us with issues that we could fix if we wanted. We are currently dealing with making the Microsoft operating system even more screwed up and are currently trying to implement more spy tactics in our coding. If your game doesnt work then thats just to bad bucko. Now piss off”

So as you might have guessed microsoft are not to fussed with us gamers.

So I contacted Nvidia regarding this issue.
Unfortunatley I did not get a response. So I emailed them again and I still got no repsonse. I thought to myself “hmm how can I get their attention.” Well People it was simple. I sent 700 emails one after the other using a mailbomber. Understandably they were not to pleased and neither was I when the authorities came to my house and arrested me. I told the magistrates that Jesus told me to do it and the matter was swiftly dropped.

So I am back to square one. No games work with opengl.

If anybody has an ideas please let me know. If u want the mailbomber I used I found it on a program called Overnet.

Peace to all and may ur gaming begin soon.

You forgot to mention what video card and system you’re using.

Windows XP PRO
AMD Athlon XP 2800+
1024gb DDR 333mhz RAM
Nvidia GForce TI 4800
Sounblaster Live

And is this a system that has always had XP and your Ti card or did you upgrade?

Have you tried a clean reinstall of your Nvidia drivers using something like Denotator RIP?

No upgrades. Its a new Computer.

Ive tried a clean install of drivers using Detonator RIP.

I hav the same problem!!! Im usin XP home. MOHAA and RTCW both worked before my computer crashed! im usin a GeForce2 64mb!
Plz Help

Could it have anything to do with the windows updates and hotfixes?

Since non of the drivers from nVidia seem to be working it must be something to do with windows itself.

Originally posted by I.P.Freely:
[b]Could it have anything to do with the windows updates and hotfixes?

Since non of the drivers from nVidia seem to be working it must be something to do with windows itself.

No, its probably something specific to your system or the Ti 4800 card. I’m leaning toward the card itself.

Have you tried installing some older drivers and seeing if they work?

Ive tried installing older drivers making sure there was no leftovers from previous installed ones but it didnt work. Ive tried all the drivers on the nVidia website archive.

As far as it being the TI 4800. It cant be the problem because every other game works like a dream. Except Counterstrike which gives me the same prob as MOHAA.

All other games work perfactly.

The thing is that MOHAA worked on my old computer. But I dont have it anymore. The specs for the old one were

MSI KT motherboard
amd duron 450 mhz
128 sdram
geforce 2 mx 220

Windows XP - with none integrated SP1

I used to have a militant time with MOHAA. especially with my camping skills and my sniper. You poke ur head out u die.

Its a shame that i cant get it to work now. I love this game

Are you using two monitors?

Are you using the latest version of MOHAA?

1 monitor

Latest Version Of MOHAA

Well, from your other post on this subject, it sounds like you should be talking to EA about MOHAA.

i know to to fix CS to to configue then to vide and then to videocards.theyll be software/directx and opengl.pick directx and there u have it