Any software opengl for yellow dog linux on ps3?

Hey newbie here. I have yellow dog linux 6.1 installed on my ps3 but because sony have used a hypervisor to block other operating systems from using the rsx, it can’t play 3d games which is a bit of a bummer, especially since most people with a ps3 would want to use linux to play games not compatible with the ps3 and emulators aswell like for N64.
So anyway, I have no idea about opengl stuff but apprently it needs software opengl to have a chance of running 3d games and I think maybe a driver for the software aswell???
Would there be anything out there that could possibly make 3d games work on yellow dog linux running on a ps3?
Thanks :slight_smile:

Mesa3d will provide software opengl. The Cell port seem more limited that for other architectures though.

Apparently it is not installed by default on YDL, so you will have to build it yourself.

Searching for “mesa 3d opengl yellow dog” I found some more forum threads :

Thanks. I heard of that mesa but thought maybe there would be others aswell.
Thanks for replying :slight_smile:

Oh yeah is there something like this for windows? software opengl?

compile mesa3d for windows, and put the .dll in your .exe folder.

So mesa is the only thing that can use software opengl???

Thanks for replying :slight_smile:

Mesa is the best I have heard of.
Open-source, very complete (GL 2.1 + GLSL + a lot of extensions).

Why do you ask ?

Because the linux on the ps3 can use a virual machine emulator to emulate windows I thought maybe getting software opengl on the windows might work for 3d gaming on the ps3 when it’s acting like a pc haha
Thanks for all the replies!