any rad?

hi all,
i’m quite new to opengl programming; i’ve done a few apps in c all written by hand.
As far as you know is there any program that can “speeds up” developement? i mean: some program that allows to model (ie using mouse) an object and then gives the coordinates (so that i don’t have to calculate all by hand)?

sorry for the poor explanation of the problem, but as you might imagine english is not my natural language :slight_smile:
thanks in advance for any answer.

Sounds like you want something that will help create the framework and/or UI for your applications correct? Have you looked into Anjuta and Glade? Anjuta is a development environment, and glade is used to generate GTK+ based user interfaces. I haven’t used either much myself, but they do work fairly well. Do a quick search to find the appropriate web pages.

thanks Septor, i admit i didn’t know about Anjuta and it seems quite good (at least by looking at screenshots, i’m downloading it right now); i’ll let you know… :wink:

However, that’s not what i asked for :frowning:
i’ll try to explain again with an example:
to draw a triangle, i’d write something like:
glVertex3f(0.0, 0.0, 0.0);
glVertex3f(1.0, 0.0, 0.0);
glVertex3f(0.5, 0.0, 1.0);
i have to supply coordinates for that. i was asking for a sort of 3d modeler: let’s say it lets me choose a primitive (ie. triangle) and rotate, stretch, etc. then it says: 'ok, you want this triangle? these are the coordinates: vertex1: 0, 0, 0; vertex2: 0,…
something like the Povray Modeler, if you know it.

So you are looking for a 3D modelling program to make your models with. See:

And search your distros packages for a 3d modeller to find additional ones.

// ville

thanks a lot, ville.

before i forget:
memcpy(&my_brain, “3d modeller”, sizeof(my_stupidity)); :smiley:

i had to make two different posts instead of simply asking “anyone can point me to any 3d modelling prog?”.

thanks again.
oh, and god bless blender

I am sure at least one person will think that I am
always thinking in terms of re-inventing the wheel

I have a serious problem not willing to spend time to
learn how to use a program (say Blender), and I’d
much rather code up the tool myself. So I thought of
the following model. It was an idea sparked by a
friend of mine, and I am really thinking of going
with it. Simply, make your application accept some
sort of “editing mode” which is interfaced via the
presence of a CLI, which accepts inputs, parses them,
and manipulates the 3D objects in real time. I have
seen this done in games (Cube). I do not see why
one cannot generalize this a bit more and get a
lot of the editing done in real time…

Originally posted by iznogoud:
I am sure at least one person will think that I am
always thinking in terms of re-inventing the wheel

you are reinventing the wheel :wink:

just kidding. however applications like Blender help you saving time. if you’re not completely new to cg, learning to use them is quite easy, and the time you lose while ‘studying’ their microlanguage is just a bit of the time you’ve saved after all.

I think your idea is good, but limited to a few and short programs. if you have to make several different programs it’s frustating to port that code (which by definition is application dependent) from one app to another.

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