any one luckky here to use glDrawElements

please reply to this

before i begins

i tried
Docs: some thing i can’t understand

songho tutorial: but its code not work with my Lappy

Self Experiment:- which give two point
(0.0,0.5),(0.0,0.0) int GL_POINTS mode


and here my Question regarding this function
i had try to use DrawElements command

but only two points can be drawn
one is first two/three value of array
and another is 0.0,0.0 please any one have luck of how to use these thing

DrawElements( mode(k), count(d),type(k),indics(d))
here k = i know
d = i have doubt
count:- is it how many elements from a array/pointer you want to draw

indics:-i used its address(&) with/without [0]
and also with [2],[4],[6]
as we use address what value in these subscript must use

thanks for reading an thinking

please reply for answer

also for what mistake i do regarding to post or me

i will try to rectify from me/codes
thanks in advance