Any known solutions to a camera that...

…rotates on a far off point, rather than the center of the screen?

how about translating the scene ??

Brilliant idea! Gosh I’m on the beginner’s forum, so I MUST be a complete dolt! Ok. With a post like that one, either you think I’m an idiot, or more likely, you are.

Maybe you should be more specific with your question if you want more specific answers.

As DJ said, you need to translate your scene so that the point you want to rotate around is at 0,0,0, then translate it back. Remembering in the process that OpenGL’s transformations occur in reverse order, and that you don’t move the camera, you move the scene the opposite of what your “camera” would move.

If that didn’t make sense, look for a PDF of the Red Book and read its chapter on transformations. You might even try looking at the Technical FAQ on this site. (Available in the Quick links drop down.) There are a number of questions there related to “camera” transformations.

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