Any Irix coders out there?

Just picked up an low-end O2 for OpenGL ‘C’
programming. Any advice on what compilers are available out there? Any freeware or shareware compilers available? Anyone know what the Mips C compiler costs?

should have gcc with Irix, Thats all you need. The stl stuff is well good on irix.

Chances are its only ogl 1.0 or at a push 1.1. o2’s are very cack at memory allocations and file access (i mean really really bad). Once you got your data to draw they usually can handle a lot of rendering passes without too much hassle, but their processors are quite bad. Look through the irix documentation for a high res frame counter as well, the time.h stuff is appalling and only updates randomly every few minutes…

I guess most people use nedit for their text editor, if you’re really brave you can use VI, but people who use that are wrong (in the head that is).

Oh yeah, gluNurbs runs stupidly quickly on O2’s, but I’m glad I dont have to use one anymore )

Boy…am I glad to meet you guys!
I’ve been struggling with Irix for the last month…I’ve olny used VC++ with mfc before, and now I don’t even have GLUT…I’m going crazy doing window management! So, guys…help me…how the hell do you write a make file?

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[b]# flags needed for compiling OpenGL
GL_FLAGS= …/libglut.a -lGLU -lGL -lXmu -lXext -lX11 -lm

set a macro to represents all objects

OBJECTS= main.o TextureLoader.o

set pseudo target that stands for your entire project

Target: executable

link the objects in-order to create the executable

executable : $(OBJECTS)
CC -ansi -o executable ${OBJECTS} ${GL_FLAGS}

ceate object files one by one

main.o : main.cpp
CC -ansi -c -o main.o main.cpp

TextureLoader.o : TextureLoader.cpp TextureLoader.h
CC -ansi -c -o TextureLoader.o TextureLoader.cpp

clean :
rm *.o executable

A lame example of getting a glut app off the ground. Notice that libglut.a is not the default one…

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if I’m not using glut…what’s the best window managment procedure…glx?


two points;

the cc compiler on IRIX is supposedly better than gcc. Don’t ask me to qualify this statement, because I can’t. I’ve just heard it, somewhere. <insert some bliter about the SGI guys 1) knowing how to write a compiler, and 2) knowing how to target it for their architecture>

and, secondly; glx is the X windows extension to OpenGL, but you can get wrappers for it (like GLUT and SDL).

oh, and be patient with IRIX. some people get chronically narked about its idosyncarcies. but, its cool.


Since there are obviously some Irix people out there: is there anyone willing to test compile a GLX framework source code for Irix? I want to A) know the necessary compiler directives (link libraries etc) for Irix, and B) test a full screen hack that I have written for Irix using the XSGIvc extension (comes with Irix 6.4 and later I think)