Any Help Plz!!!

Hi everybody,
i want a code to make a flag seems fly(flap) using openGL…

Uh, i’ve got a good day (irony), so i won’t start about netiquette…


thanx man, and if there are more sites or codes plz tell me

Hi again!!!
plz i need more simple codes about this subject
plz its very important…

You’ll need to download Humus’ framework code too.


thanx but i need a simple 2d code, thats very difficult.
plz i need it as soon as possible


2D? Was that a typo?

I agree Humus’ example isn’t the simplest way of doing a flag, of course it looks nice since he’s using cloth simulation.

A simple way that I can think of would be to model the flag as a tesselated mesh, then move each vertex along a sin function. That would actually look half way decent for a simple simulation not looking for exact realism.

There is a demo NVIDIA put out a long time ago using vertex programs that takes a mesh and animates it along a sin function. It doesn’t look like a flag but could be modified to look like one. What this demo sort of looks like is dropping a rock in a pool of water with the waves moving away from the rock’s dropped point in a circular way.




Ok, now seriousely. If you want someone to write a code for you, you just waste your time. If you don’t have any experience with math/opengl programming etc, you should get some skill first before trying more advanced things. And one more: a school student with average IQ can write the equations if he had had some basic physics. If you even don’t know where to start, you are definitely at a wrong place…

all that i need it, is a simple code that do flap(fly) in 2d => to understand it and do like it
thats all